E-Quality: New e-tools to develop skills and a strengthened culture of gender equality within municipal administrations

The project’s general objective is to create the conditions for continuity of actions on gender culture at a policy-making level, in order to improve and raise awareness on women’s position in society, promoting their social inclusion, civic engagement and participation. In order to bring a significant change and achieve the before-mentioned goal, the project will aim at:

– increasing administrators’ and Municipalities employees’ knowledge on gender-culture related themes;

– developing practical tools for supporting public bodies in achieving gender equality and contributing to social and territorial planning by spreading project results.

The training of municipal employees will be designed to include a priority focus on gender issues within the subjects of interest for the social planning of the territory administered.


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Duration: 1 February 2022 – 31 July 2024


Target Groups: Employees and stakeholders of Municipalities, public servants, public administrators and the civil society sector



  • Women of Mediterranean East and South European (Italy)
  • University Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  • Smart Umbrella (Greece)
  • Solution: Solidarité & Inclusio (France)
  • Gharb Local Council (Malta)
  • Lega delle Autonomie Locali (Italy)
  • International Development Group APDI (Spain)

Innovation & Development


Smart Umbrella – Innovation & Development

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