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Smart Umbrella helps small businesses GROW in a low risk, short-term and affordable way through Business hubs. Business hubs are developing trend globally to ensure entrepreneurs, business startups, self-employed people and small business owners have a low-cost option to creating, developing and maintaining a sustainable business.

Business hub provides shared workshop space, office space, landline, virtual assistant, website development and management, social media management, networking opportunities, business mentoring, business advice, business research, business angel guidance, tax advice, investment advice, computer access, broadband access, business grant information, business development opportunities and other necessary and vital space and services for a number of entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed people to use at a low-cost for a specific period of time.

Business Hub

Vocational counseling is the cornerstone of the counseling sector. Smart Umbrella expert consultants provide to the mentee knowledge, tips, challenges, guidance and support in its effort to join professional life. Mentoring integrates several functions: teaching, counseling, tutoring, friendship, guidance etc.

The objectives of Vocational Counseling and Mentoring provided by Smart Umbrella are:
• Development of a clear understanding of themselves, talents, skills, interests, resources and constraints.
• Development of knowledge about the requirements and conditions of success, advantages and disadvantages, earnings, opportunities and prospects in different business fields.

Smart Umbrella, in the framework of vocational counseling and mentoring, provides the following guidance:
Cooperation in the implementation and interpretation of formal and informal assessments to help those receiving consulting to clarify and identify personality traits (such as values, interests and skills).

Prompting for exploratory activities based on experience (as a working visit, internships and interviews for taking professional information).
Use of career planning and career information tools to help people to better understand the working world.
Provide opportunities for improving decision making skills.
Support the development of personalized action plans.
Teaching job search techniques, interview skills and assistance in preparing a CV.
Support to resolve potential personal conflicts at work through developing interpersonal skills (such as training for gaining momentum).
Support the understanding of integration, correlation interaction of labor and other roles in a person’s life.
Provide support to people experiencing work-related stress, job loss and / or career change.

The executives of Smart Umbrella provide counseling related to:

  1. Entrepreneurship(support for the development of entrepreneurial activity).
  2. Vocational informationfor specific sector of economic activity.
  3. Information about specific job profile.
  4. Information about a particular body(such as information about a company, organization, ministry, etc.).

The advantages of Vocational counseling and mentoring provided by Smart Umbrella are:

  • Use of experiences, knowledge and good practices developed in one area or in a business group.
  • Contributes to engage in a learning process.
  • Contributes to the dissemination of best practices that promote entrepreneurship.
  • Shapes and strengthens the network of relationships among entrepreneurs.
  • Strengthens and develops new and SMEs locally.
  • It is a valuable tool to support change processes.

Smart Umbrella operates as accelerator. Accelerators are organizations that offer a range of support services and funding opportunities for startups. They tend to work by enrolling startups in months-long programs that offer mentorship, office space and supply chain resources. More importantly, business accelerator programs offer access to capital and investment in return for startup equity. Startups essentially ‘graduate’ from their accelerator program after three or four months — which mean that development projects are time-sensitive and very intensive. The primary reason accelerators have exploded in popularity is because they are designed to provide the best of both worlds for both startups as well as investors.

Starting up a new business can be incredibly difficult. After all, it takes a lot more than a great idea and a pocket full of dreams in order to disrupt markets and generate success. New entrepreneurs need access to capital, mentoring and structural resources in order to prosper. But sometimes those lifelines seem nearly impossible to track down — which is why nine out of ten startups shrivel up and die within three years. Accelerators are designed to prevent those premature deaths.

 Taking into account the particular needs and characteristics of our customers of this Department, we provide individualized guidance for EU funded projects aimed at the development and design of competing projects. We stand by our clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects: from the identification of the appropriate sources of funding and identifying the appropriate program to the design of a fully structured project proposal, till the effective implementation and management of their projects.

The main objectives of the European Projects Department are achieved through:

  • the active participation in the European Lifelong Learning Program (LLP),
  • the participation in other European Education programs of scientific cooperation and mobility,
  • the consultancy services to support the programs of EU’s energy efficiency and environmental protection,
  • the development of proposals, consortia, budgets preparation and monitoring procedures,
  • the preparation of European funding opportunities and the implementation of European projects,
  • The cooperation with new partners and continuously strengthening already existing successful collaborations.

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