Two-day meeting with the partners | Beat Burnout Project

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We are delighted to announce that the two-day meeting of the partners of the European project “Beat Burnout,” held in Greece, was a resounding success!
During this meeting, we discussed the results of the 3rd Work Package and conducted a captivating interactive workshop on the future of the project.

If you are a woman working from home or if you are a manager, director, or teacher, it is well worth following our project page to stay informed.

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Empowering Strategies to Combat Anxiety and Stress | DASS Project

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Explore Empowering Strategies to Combat Anxiety and Stress through the European Project DASS!

During the fourth session titled “Positive Strategies,” we delved into the art of confronting everyday challenges with optimism and resilience.
Our exploration encompassed various positive strategies designed to help us effectively manage stress and uplift our overall well-being.

Through the European DASS project, we unearth practices and techniques that serve as guiding lights for nurturing a positive mindset and confronting adversities with unwavering confidence.

If the pressures and stresses of daily life weigh heavily on you, the DASS project stands ready to provide support and equip you with tools to confront these challenges.
For more information, please visit our website: DASS Project Website

Exress Yourself | Dass Project

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Dance against stressful situations through the European project DASS!
In the third session “Express yourself,” we experienced the magic of movement and expression through dance and movement.

It was an opportunity for all participants to let go to the rhythm of emotions and express themselves through body movement.

This activity is a fun and creative way to release our inner world.

Whether you are young or feeling stress and pressure, expressing your emotions can help you overcome difficulties and face life’s challenges.
Starting from a simple body movement and working your way up to a complex choreography can contribute significantly to your psycho-physical well-being.

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The 1st Transnational Meeting of the European Project School To Farm

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On 3-4 November, we participated in the 1st Transnational Meeting of the European project “School to Farm (Using farms as an ecological and pedagogical education environment-Gamified-STEAM based learning approach Model)”, held in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting saw the involvement of 5 other organizations from Finland, Latvia, Turkey, and Poland!

During the meeting, hosted at the project’s leading primary school, we engaged in discussions about the overall project planning. Additionally, we had the wonderful opportunity to tour the school premises and foster a deeper connection with our partners.

For more information on how smart agriculture can be harnessed as a powerful pedagogical tool, feel free to reach out to us at Let’s explore the potential of integrating sustainable farming practices into education!

The First Meeting For Our New Project – School To Farm

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On the 14th of September we had the first meeting of our new project named “Using farms as an ecological and pedagogical education environment- Gamified-STEAM based learning approach Model – School to Farm” with partners from Poland, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, and Greece.

The project aims to use farms as a pedagogical and ecological learning environment and to develop unique didactic games in the context of STEAM by utilizing interdisciplinary approach to be used in farms.

We are looking forward to meet in Warsaw with the partners and start working on the project.
Stay tuned for more!

We explore the “Sound of Emotions”

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We explore the “Sound of Emotions” through poetry and song in the European DASS program!

In our activity for the second module, we moved closer to connecting with our emotions by expressing them through poetry and song.

Through the European project DASS, we delved into the enchanting realm of words and melodies, granting our emotions the freedom to cope with the everyday stresses of life.

Whether you are a young person or work with young people facing pressure and stress in your daily life, the DASS project is here for you!

Feel free to visit our website for more information about our project:

We continue our journey by providing tools and techniques to help you manage stress and enhance your well-being.

STEAM Education | June | School to Farm | School to Farm

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Successful Online Focus Group for STEAM Education!

We are thrilled to announce the tremendous success of our recent Focus Group held in June 2023!  Engaging discussions, insightful experiences, and valuable information were shared regarding STEAM education and experiential learning across partner countries, along with an in-depth analysis of primary education methods.

Through the European School to Farm project, our primary goal is to develop captivating experiential learning activities that combine gamification with the powerful STEAM method. These activities provide supplementary education opportunities directly on the farm, benefiting primary school students. By doing so, we actively contribute to the global fight against climate change by fostering environmental awareness through engaging digital educational games centered around environmental education and agriculture.

Whether you are an educator, student, or farmer, we invite you to stay up to date with the latest news from Smart Umbrella Management Solution! Follow us on our social networks and visit our website to stay connected and informed.

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The Pandemic During and After | European Project DASS

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In the framework of the implementation of the online youth empowerment training project through the European project DASS, we had an amazing start in conducting the 1st Module! Not only did we get to know all the participants but we explored the expression of emotions through painting and discovered how the pandemic affected us during and after the pandemic.

The DASS project seeks to use dance and other art forms as an empowerment tool for young people to deal with the stress and anxiety resulting from traumatic events.

If you work with young people or are a young person experiencing stress in your daily life, the DASS project offers you the opportunity to address your stress, both mental and physical, through creative methods.

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Creative Workshops Aimed at Combating Stress | DASS Project

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A wonderful experience has been completed through the implementation of 5 online youth empowerment workshops under the European project DASS!

We are excited to share the unique experience we had with the participants of the creative workshops aimed at combating stress!

Through this activity, participants had the opportunity to develop their artistic sensibility and discover new ways in which young people can cope with their daily stress.

The European DASS project aims to utilize dance and other art forms as tools for empowering young people to deal with stress and anxiety resulting from traumatic events.

If you are a young person struggling with stress or working with young individuals, the DASS project offers the opportunity to address mental and physical stress through creative methods.

We invite you to learn more about our work by visiting the following link:

Watch the full video here:

Our First Newsletter | School to Farm Project

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School to Farm Project! Stay informed about the project’s ongoing actions and monitor the development and implementation of the tools being created.

The objective of this project is to develop experiential learning activities that combine gamification and the STEAM method. These activities will be used as supplementary training directly on the farm for primary school students. The project aims to combat climate change by promoting environmental awareness through digital educational games focused on agricultural education.

If you are a teacher, student, or farmer and would like to stay updated on all the latest news about Smart Umbrella Management Solution, follow us on our social media platforms and visit our website!

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